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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 22, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. they marched across the u.s., europe and antarctica. here thousands rallying for science. thanks for joining us. san francisco had the biggest march in the bay area. abc 7 news reporter has more. >> a celebration of earth day at uc berkeley. these marchers support science and say climate change and global warming is real. >> we only have one planet and it is important to fight for it and protect it. >> reporter: in an fran market
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street was packed with thousands of marchers for science. becky brought her daughter from oakland. >> i believe science is not something we should have to be pushing for. with the current administration it is something that is threatened. >> reporter: many believe president trump has shown little respect for the importance of science. >> basic things are under attack which i don't support. i am also here because i believe science and technology regardless of who the president is should be more inclusive. >> reporter: the march made its way towards civic center. some students came with science class. >> why are you here today? >> because i want to save this earth. >> our planet under attack. >> reporter: before the march san francisco supervisor told the crowd science saved his life. >> funding and develop will save
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countless lives. >> reporter: myth busters host says science is no myth. >> we all really want the same thing which is we want to leave a better world for our kids, families, loved one and community. if we can agree upon that then we can have a reasonable discussion. >> reporter: president trump said my administration is committed to advancing scientific research that leads to a better understanding of our environment and of environmental risks. the city of hayward held signs saying science not silence and ice has no agenda. it just melts. abc 7 news was in san jose when people from all walks of life gathered at city hall to march for science. two shared insight on what motivated them to join today's event. >> we are here to march for science. we support making decisions based on fact and evidence and
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not on ideology and ignorance. >> celebrating amazing things that science does for us. there are folks who have had organ transplants, medical procedures, cures for diseases. >> reporter: organizers told us it is important for politicians to receive scientific education on projects across the country. president trump did not comment on the marchs. mr. trump vowed action and accomplishments on first 100 days and now is calling the benchmark ridiculous. >> reporter: coast to coast from new york to l.a. and in 60 different countries around the world march for science celebrated scientific achievement and protested some of the policies of the trump administration. >> the policies of the administration are so dangerous. >> reporter: the president made no mention of the rallies during his first visit to walter reed
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hospital today. >> i would like to do it myself. >> reporter: where he awarded the purple heart to sergeant first class recently injured in afghanistan. president trump faces a big week as his first 100 days in office winds down. the president still hoping to put points on the board teasing a major announcement ahead. >> we will be having a big announcement on wednesday having to do with tax reform. >> reporter: the tax plan comes during the threat of government shutdown. lawmakers have until midnight friday to pass a spending plan. democrats say they may not vote for -- >> we will have a wall. we will suspend immigration from terror prone regions. >> reporter: during the campaign the president laid out what he hoped to accomplish in these first 100 days. >> and the funny thing is donald trump is one that has set the bar on this.
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i think he talked about it 17 or 18 different times about how successful his first 100 days was going to be. >> reporter: all of which raises the pressure now. david wroilth, abc news, washington. >> take a look at other science marches. we have coverage on our abc 7 news app. make sure to enable push alerts for instant updates. happy days actress erin moran has died. an emergency crew found her unresponsive in indiana. variety reports she was recently kicked out of her trailer park home because she partied too hard. in fresno, dozens of pg&e employees gathered to honor an employee gunned down. the newly hired utility worker was one of three men police say corey mohammed shot and killed on tuesday. fellow workers decided to turn
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it into a memorial. >> we do everything we can so that we can make sure our employees come home at the end of the day. we recognize that gas and electric work can be dangerous. we do the training and equipment. it's a big philosophy of watching out for each other. this is a circumstance where none of that would have made a difference. that is hard for people to accept. >> there was a funeral today for a security guard killed in the same shooting spree. police say the killings were motivated by mohammed's hatred of white people. a crying mother removed from a san francisco flight. hear from the angry passengers who stood up for the mother. find out how the airline responded. channel 7 the force is with you always. >> what a day for selfies in the south bay. what you missed at silicon
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valley comicon. a gorgeous evening unfolding. breezy up at 2,600 feet. temperatures drop today. we have cool temperatures tomorrow and several
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a flight attendant who confronted a mother on a san francisco flight is on paid leave. witnesses say he crossed the line while dealing with the passenger. >> reporter: millions of views online, yet another case of on board confrontation involving passengers now going viral. this time the antagonism is on an american airlines flight in california. at issue officials say the mother tried to bring her double
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de stroller on to the plane and down the single aisle. a flight attendant told her she needed to gate check it. when she did not he took it away. >> very upset and violently yanked it. >> a baby almost got hurt. >> reporter: other passengers say the employee was violent with the stroller nearly hitting the woman and her child. minutes later when the man gets back on board she gets up again. >> you stay out of this. >> american airlines quickly issuing an apology saying we are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused this passenger and therfamily. the actions of our team member captured here do not appear to reflect patience or empathy, two values necessary for customer care. most air carriers do not allow strollers in the cabin.
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this outrage comes two weeks after united airlines had to publically apologize after video surfaced of a passenger being dragged off a flight. the woman in this case who was traveling from argentina took another flight and the airline upgraded her and her family to first class. the staffer now grounded on paid leave during an investigation. a free dental clinic served about 1,000 people today and volunteer dentist plan to be back tomorrow. volunteers transformed an exhibit hall into a giant dentist's office. all dentists you are seeing worked on their day off. the free clinic will reopen at 5:30 tomorrow morning. we found these kids tinkering with a car today. why they were told to take it apart. we are looking at a mild week from our roof top camera at the
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bay bridge. changes are coming next weekend. mike nicco is up next. coming up in sports the sharks are facing a must-rin situation tonight. without
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if you want a selfie with darth vader the south bay is the place to be this weekend. abc 7 news was in san jose for silicon vall silicon valley comicon. the 30th anniversary celebration of "star trek" the next generation.
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the annual convention is a wonderland for people of all ages. >> you get to play like you are a little kid again. >> if it wasn't for comics i wouldn't know how to read. >> i get to see my favorite characters. a lot of these characters are very cool because i have most of the movies. >> you can see apple cofounder steve wozniak. not old enough to drive but a group of bay area kids took apart a car today. the first tinker fest. more than 1,000 kids from around the bay area picked up tools and picked apart cars and electronics all in the name of science. >> it is a celebration of hands on exploration, playful engaging with materials and tools, taking things apart, putting them together and allowing kids to basically decide what interests them, what ideas they have and
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explore them in a fun and playful way. >> he hopes to make tinker fest an annual event. now your forecast. >> ask them to change my tail light that might be beneath them? i'm here. it's saturday evening. let's take a look at what happened. the sun finally broke out as we went through the evening hours. look at the gorgeous sunset. there it went. another day in the books. stepping out still pretty comfortable out there. mid 50s to low 60s in many areas. san rafael at 62 degrees. here is a look without the cloud cover it is bone dry. let me layer the cloud cover on. the window of clearing with more clouds returning as we head towards morning hours. this is the way it looks. absolutely gorgeous. brighter and slightly cooler tomorrow. chance of rain early next week. and next weekend is trending
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warm. 70s and 80s to the coast. when you wake up tomorrow morning mid upper 40s. here is a look at san jose. looks nice this morning or keeping that up this evening. 8:00 tomorrow morning. 49 to 55 degrees. we will go from low clouds to high clouds. 57 to 63 at noon. 58 to 64. not much of a change during afternoon hours. 7:00 back up to mid and upper 50s. as far as temperatures they top out 2:00. 68 san jose. that's kind of the exception tomorrow. 63. palo alto 67. 62 degrees up and down the coast tomorrow. 63 downtown. range from about 67 to 70 through the north bay. 64 to 67 along east bay. 67 to about 70 in our inland
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east bay neighborhoods. i love these nighttime shots. i don't get to see these very often. that is emeryville. tree pollen moderate. mold spores low and uv index could be high tomorrow even with the clouds not as thick as they were today but will still be out there. going to the beach cool breezes especially in the afternoon hours. more sunshine if you are exercising. if you are on the water late breezes on the bay. afternoon game at the coliseum rounding out the four game set. 62 at 1:05 down to about 63 degrees. here we are sunday and you can see low clouds hanging around. high clouds in the afternoon hours. gorgeous sunset if you take a picture hashtag it. wakeup monday morning with cloud cover and rain in the north bay. more scattered showers as we head from noon into the afternoon hours but not all of
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us are going to get wet. if you get anything it will be a couple hundredths. a little cooler on monday and tuesday with light storms on the storm impact scale. 70s and 80s out to the coast as we head towards next saturday. >> that evening/morning thing. maybe it is a good thing steve kerr isn't there. >> if portland will win the series tonight will be the night. warriors took on blazers without coach steve kerr and kevin durant who is not 100%. damian lillard came in hot for the blazers. former cal bear allen crab with the three. the four-point play put portland up by 16. steph curry tries to bring his team back and knocks down three.
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lillard's backcourt mate came out on fire. he had 17 points at the half. curry trying to find enough space for three. he does. steph had 15 at the break to lead the dubs. lillard will answer splitting the defense. he will hit from the free-throw line 22 for him at the half. now with about 8:30 left in the third quarter blazers lead 75-59. peyton manning was in memphis for game four with game tied leonard puts san antonio on top. he had a game high 43. grizzlies send the game to overtime as mike connelly ties it up with two of his team high 35 points. in o.t. it came down to this. mark gasol hits the floater. memphis wins 110-108 so this series is even at 2-2. the sharks have to win
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tonight or their season is over. let's go out to the tank. opening the door for the sharks star running back christian mccaffrey. that leads to break away who beats martin jones. make it 1-0 oilers. edmonton strikes again as the pass gets by paul martin. that springs on another break away. he scores his first of the playoffs. now after two periods the oilers lead 2-0. a day after losing madison bumgarner to a dirt bike accident let's go to coors field where some bay area sports fans were on hand. two of the runs coming on this blast by mark reynolds. it came off matt moore. the rockies were looking for more off moore. charlie blackmon with deep fly
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ball. span had to leave with a mild shoulder sprain. again makes good contact this time the ball is not going to be caught. it is over the 415 foot sign. that made it 6-0. colorado went on to beat giants 12-3. at the coliseum as got off to a rickey henderson-like start. holds major league record with 81 homers. after the single ryan healy gives oakland a 3-1 lead over seattle with this home run. with two out in the ninth the mariners have tying run on second. strikes out to end the contest. the as hang on to win 4-3. it's their fifth straight victory. tonight it is all about the sharks and warriors and both teams have some work to do
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tonight. >> 82-66, portland late in the third. a lot of work to do. >> thanks a lot. up next we get up close with
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, french citizens cast their votes in a critical election back home. we are live in portland for reaction after warriors playoff game against the blazers. the game is still underway and the trail blazers are winning. monterey bay aquarium got into the spirit of earth day with the march of the penguins with staff guiding the penguins on enrichment walk. visitors and volunteers cheered them on. the march is an opportunity to raise awareness of the penguin.
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these guys are closely monitored as plan to protect them from extinction. >> we have birds on the brain. sometimes families need help when when stranded on the freeway. sometimes they can't drive or fly away. you are looking at a family of canadian geese being escorted off 101. they were in a cage. animal control officers finding a safer place. good luck tonight. i hope they didn't have money on the warriors game. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. our next newscast is at 11:00 on channel 7. we'll see you later.
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